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Re: timneh african grey talking

Posted by Jen on 6/25/09
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    On 2/14/09, dan wrote:
    > I have a beautiful male timneh, who is almost 2 years old.
    > He is extremely bright, but hasn"t started talking except
    > for a few words here and there. Like all greys he whistles
    > up a storm. What can I do to promote talking, or should I
    > just let him develop.

    My timneh turned 2 on tuesday, and he just started talking
    about a month ago. We had to board him for a few days at a
    bird boarding facility and he came back saying all sorts of
    things that he had picked up from the other birds. Since
    them he has displayed a variety of words, in
    context......almost like the content was in his brain but it
    had not occured to him to try and make the sounds. Perhaps
    you can help your bird by allowing it to spend time with
    birds already talking? Good luck.