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Re: timneh african grey talking

Posted by chris on 8/19/09
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    On 6/25/09, Jen wrote:
    > On 2/14/09, dan wrote:
    >> I have a beautiful male timneh, who is almost 2 years old.
    >> He is extremely bright, but hasn"t started talking except
    >> for a few words here and there. Like all greys he whistles
    >> up a storm. What can I do to promote talking, or should I
    >> just let him develop.
    > My timneh turned 2 on tuesday, and he just started talking
    > about a month ago. We had to board him for a few days at a
    > bird boarding facility and he came back saying all sorts of
    > things that he had picked up from the other birds. Since
    > them he has displayed a variety of words, in
    > context......almost like the content was in his brain but it
    > had not occured to him to try and make the sounds. Perhaps
    > you can help your bird by allowing it to spend time with
    > birds already talking? Good luck.