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Re: What is my African Grey doing?

Posted by Jim Bobs Mom on 3/07/09
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    On 3/06/09, the correct answer wrote:
    > On 3/05/09, parront wrote:
    >> On 3/05/09, Wow! wrote:
    >>> On 3/05/09, Deanna Sevrey wrote:
    >>>> I have a question about my new Grey, he's 10 weeks old
    >>>> now, and I want to know what he(or she, cuz I don't kno)
    >>>> is doing.... At times, Clyde will kind of hold onto the
    >>>> cage with his beak and do a scraping thing on the
    >>>> newspaper with his foot, I could equate this to like a cat
    >>>> when they are trying to cover up when using a litterbox,
    >>>> can anyone tell me what he is doing? thank you Deanna
    >>> I didn't realize a Grey was weaned by 10 weeks.
    >> I hope he is 10 months old, this is what we call chicken
    >> scratching, its natural they all do it, its instinct to
    >> foraging for food. Maybe some reading about greys would be a
    >> good thing so you can prepare yourself for Grey behavior.
    > ACTUALLY, I'm sure that grey must be only 10 weeks old. Greys
    > over about 4-5 months old usually don't do what you described.
    > You can call it chicken scratching but it is NOT foraging for
    > food. "Parront" is wrong. The accurate answer is that, in the
    > wild this baby would still be with the parent birds in the nest.
    > And, after 10 weeks or so of pooping and eating in the nest,
    > that nest is pretty dam dirty. Your baby can't help himself, he
    > is doing what he would do in the wild. And that is cleaning out
    > the nest. Hes probably has his head down, in a corner, hanging
    > on the bottom grate, and kicking back and away wildly. Appears
    > odd but thats what hes doing and why. He will stop it in a few
    > weeks. Good luck.

    My Grey is 2 years old and he still does it every now and then.