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Re: What is my African Grey doing?

Posted by everywhere on 3/07/09
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    On 3/07/09, Jim Bobs Mom wrote:
    > On 3/06/09, the correct answer wrote:
    >> On 3/05/09, parront wrote:
    >>> On 3/05/09, Wow! wrote:
    >>>> On 3/05/09, Deanna Sevrey wrote:
    >>>>> I have a question about my new Grey, he's 10 weeks old
    >>>>> now, and I want to know what he(or she, cuz I don't kno)
    >>>>> is doing.... At times, Clyde will kind of hold onto the
    >>>>> cage with his beak and do a scraping thing on the
    >>>>> newspaper with his foot, I could equate this to like a cat
    >>>>> when they are trying to cover up when using a litterbox,
    >>>>> can anyone tell me what he is doing? thank you Deanna
    >>>> I didn't realize a Grey was weaned by 10 weeks.
    >>> I hope he is 10 months old, this is what we call chicken
    >>> scratching, its natural they all do it, its instinct to
    >>> foraging for food. Maybe some reading about greys would be a
    >>> good thing so you can prepare yourself for Grey behavior.
    >> ACTUALLY, I'm sure that grey must be only 10 weeks old. Greys
    >> over about 4-5 months old usually don't do what you described.
    >> You can call it chicken scratching but it is NOT foraging for
    >> food. "Parront" is wrong. The accurate answer is that, in the
    >> wild this baby would still be with the parent birds in the nest.
    >> And, after 10 weeks or so of pooping and eating in the nest,
    >> that nest is pretty dam dirty. Your baby can't help himself, he
    >> is doing what he would do in the wild. And that is cleaning out
    >> the nest. Hes probably has his head down, in a corner, hanging
    >> on the bottom grate, and kicking back and away wildly. Appears
    >> odd but thats what hes doing and why. He will stop it in a few
    >> weeks. Good luck.
    > My Grey is 2 years old and he still does it every now and then.

    Yea a very few older greys will do it but only once in a while. One
    day you will find it doesn't do it anymore. Its instinct. Only about
    35% of babies do it. Its funny to watch cuz they are so determined
    to kick that imaginery crap out. So they end up kicking in the wind
    and they don't even know why they do it. ;)