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Re: What is my African Grey doing?/Again

Posted by everywhere on 3/07/09
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    On 3/07/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > Once again, ad nauseum, he who knows little and is too cowardly to use
    > his name, is wrong. Gosh, why am I not surprised. My Grey is 10
    > old and still does it, alot. The fact is, mine did not start doing it
    > until he was over 2 years. Prior to that, I had heard of other's
    > describing it and I had never seen such a thing. He plays on his cage
    > floor with his toys and often scratches, yes, just like a chicken.

    When you have raised almost 900 baby congos [I have] then I might start
    believing some of what you say. GL, I've been watching you give false
    info on this site for several years now. Get over yourself. This is my
    last post on this subject. I refuse to argue with the likes of you.
    Good day