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Re: What is my African Grey doing?/Again

Posted by For Everywhere on 3/07/09
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    On 3/07/09, everywhere wrote:
    > On 3/07/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >> Once again, ad nauseum, he who knows little and is too cowardly to use
    >> his name, is wrong. Gosh, why am I not surprised. My Grey is 10
    > years
    >> old and still does it, alot. The fact is, mine did not start doing it
    >> until he was over 2 years. Prior to that, I had heard of other's
    >> describing it and I had never seen such a thing. He plays on his cage
    >> floor with his toys and often scratches, yes, just like a chicken.
    > When you have raised almost 900 baby congos [I have] then I might start
    > believing some of what you say. GL, I've been watching you give false
    > info on this site for several years now. Get over yourself. This is my
    > last post on this subject. I refuse to argue with the likes of you.
    > Good day

    I thought I was the only one who sees GL for what she is or, should I say,
    isn't. She has a book coming out soon, "Greys for Dummies," or as I like
    to call it, "Fun-Filled, Made Up Facts about Greys and Other Parrots If
    You're Dumb Enough to Believe Them." Can you think of anyone more
    appropriate to write a book? It's an autobiography.