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Re: My Clyde

Posted by My Bonnie on 3/10/09
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    On 3/10/09, Deanna Sevrey wrote:
    > This is just too funny, as I posted earlier, I just bought
    > my Clyde 2 weeks ago, which makes him 12 weeks now, and
    > tonight I am really seeing some definite personality out
    > of him, I love to let him out of his cage and run around,
    > and I have noticed that he just adores cheez-its, I mean
    > if he's outside the cage he will fly to wherever one of us
    > is eating them he will fly from wherever he is just to get
    > to that cheez it, it's so cute, cuz we can't even hold one
    > without him flying over to grab it, lol....He's so cute

    You're right. It is funny. But it's more pathetic than funny
    since this is a made up story.
    You are simply trying to get a rise out of the people who
    frequent this board.