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Re: My Clyde

Posted by Deanna Sevrey on 3/10/09
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    On 3/10/09, My Bonnie wrote:
    > On 3/10/09, Deanna Sevrey wrote:
    >> This is just too funny, as I posted earlier, I just bought
    >> my Clyde 2 weeks ago, which makes him 12 weeks now, and
    >> tonight I am really seeing some definite personality out
    >> of him, I love to let him out of his cage and run around,
    >> and I have noticed that he just adores cheez-its, I mean
    >> if he's outside the cage he will fly to wherever one of us
    >> is eating them he will fly from wherever he is just to get
    >> to that cheez it, it's so cute, cuz we can't even hold one
    >> without him flying over to grab it, lol....He's so cute
    > You're right. It is funny. But it's more pathetic than
    > since this is a made up story.
    > You are simply trying to get a rise out of the people who
    > frequent this board.

    It is funny, and the truth, that's what makes me different
    from ya'll on here, I actually love this little guy and devote
    much time to him rather than sitting there being a breeder and
    thinking that I know what I'm talking about, see I tend to
    notice the little things that he's doing, and this will make
    him the best in the long run, and if there isn't anything fun
    to say, then why does anyone post on here anyway? I don't get
    it, but nonetheless, you can take ur opinion, and apparent
    lack of knowledge and stick them where the birds can't even
    see them!!sorry for ya luck on urs!