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Re: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Posted by Deanna on 3/17/09
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    On 3/11/09, For Deanna and GreyLady wrote:
    > On 3/10/09, Deanna Sevrey wrote:
    >> And yes, of course they are salt free, I have owned parrots
    >> before, just he is my first African Grey, I just thought it
    >> was a cute story and thought I'd share it that's all
    > GreyLady, I'm surprised you would take her word for something
    > like this. Cheez-its does NOT make a salt free product. Low
    > fat, but NOT salt free. Check out their website if you don't
    > believe me.
    > And Deanna, you are a liar both about the crackers and the

    Ok, I am not a liar first off, I love this little guy, he's
    doing wonderful, and starting to mimick sounds so, I'm guessing
    that if I gave him a cheeze it or two along the way I don't
    think it will kill him, I give him a steady diet of only kaytee
    pellets, that's just a treat, but it shows me his charm and
    charisma and, ya kno even if I did feed him things that could
    harm him on a daily basis, I think I'd rather have him live
    happy for the time that he's here rather than to be unhappy
    without a few treats in life just as any of us humans, I mean we
    don't go without some snacks, good god, it's not like I'm giving
    him these on a daily basis, I thought it was cute but I know
    what to give him and how to take care of him, and he is
    thriving, he's very happy and is starting to mimick some
    sounds, so go Clyde!