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Re: Help Lost/ Stolen African Grey

Posted by karen on 3/23/09
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    On 3/22/09, Sherry wrote:
    > Can anybody here help! I have lost a beloved African Grey
    > parrot that was like my child for over 20 years in
    > Bensalem, Bucks County, PA. He is missing a toe nail and
    > is banded. He was lost then someone found him only a mile
    > from my home. Since then he has passed the bird onto
    > someone else sometime after November 08. Please help and
    > if know any information as to who has him please call. 215-
    > 669-0899, $3500 reward when recovered.

    Make signs with a photo & put them all over!
    go to stores, etc & ask if you can post.
    With a 3K offer you will have people looking & talking
    Word of mouth is your best bet
    Best of luck