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Re: For GreyLady

Posted by Mel on 4/01/09
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    On 4/01/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > Contrary to the rants of my many named stalker on message
    > boards, I do in fact, work as a Parrot
    > Behaviorist/Consultant. (He continues to labor under the
    > misconception that I lose sleep over what he thinks.) I help
    > folks with pretty much any thing that comes up with their
    > parrots. Sometimes it's just basic stuff in answer to
    > questions like, "I just got a (insert species) and need to
    > know how to take care of it". I also help them with behavior
    > problems. In those cases, of course the term "parrot
    > behaviorist" is a bit of a misnomer. It would be more
    > technically correct to say "owner behaviorist". What I'm
    > actually doing is observing the clients interactions with the
    > bird and trying to help them see what they are doing wrong
    > and offer new ways to handle certain situations. As anyone
    > knows, who works with any kind of animal, it's rarely the
    > animal that needs any training. It's the owners that need
    > the guidance. As the Dog Whisperer often says, we work to
    > rehabilitate the animal and train the owner. Does that
    > answer your question?

    Yes it does. Thank you.