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Post: help !! lost grey

Posted by terry on 4/04/09

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    my grey flew out an open door 12 days ago and we are unable
    to find her..i need some extra eyes and ears please!we are
    in new port richey ,florida in pasco county close to sr52
    /chicago ave. i have posted several flyers,talked to people
    around the area,notified all vets around me,the humane
    society,animal control,the feed store and the pet supply
    store over my way.i have also posted ads on
    craiglist,kijiji,911parrot alert,lostand and in
    the st.pete times paper and have had no luck so far - i also
    posted a bulletin on my space. we are in a wooded area with
    lots of property..each home is a minumum of 1 acre most have
    more which makes for a huge area that i cant even get too.we
    are deeply saddened that she is gone and are asking please!!
    for some help in finding her.

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