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Re: plucking

Posted by juan on 4/05/09
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    mine started doing the same thing when he stop seeing me
    eveyday ,,,so i have to come back home and he stop,,,something
    he is missing///find out

    On 4/05/09, feathers wrote:
    > Hi can anyone give me advice on a african grey who plucks?
    > I took him to vet as soon as I got him but vet said hes
    > perfectly healthy and greys are known to pluck. I have
    > tryed different sprays, different foods, I tryed the sock
    > buddy and have nosuccess with any of these. I guess the
    > people who owned him tryed the ecollar but he refused to
    > eat and got more stressed out. any suggestions would
    > greatly be appreciated. thanks much!