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Re: Peanuts in a shell

Posted by GreyLady on 4/09/09
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    I don't know that there is any official amount designated
    anywhere. Lots of folks saw they should not have any at
    all. They are high in fat so you have to be mindful of
    that. But the real danger from them is the possibility of
    them harboring the spores that can lead to Aspergillosis or
    other respiratory issues. This danger exists because they
    are grown underground so are at risk of having mold, etc.
    inside the shell. That said, I do allow my Grey to have
    about 3, maybe 4, per day. But I am also extrememly careful
    where they come from, the cleanliness of them and just
    generally "how they look". I realize I may be shooting craps
    with it, despite how careful I am. But he loves them so, he
    gets them and I just continue to try to be as vigilant as
    possible. I'm not going to tell you what to do. You have to
    decide but I hope this helps.