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Re: Peanuts in a shell

Posted by feathers on 4/09/09
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    On 4/09/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > I don't know that there is any official amount designated
    > anywhere. Lots of folks saw they should not have any at
    > all. They are high in fat so you have to be mindful of
    > that. But the real danger from them is the possibility of
    > them harboring the spores that can lead to Aspergillosis or
    > other respiratory issues. This danger exists because they
    > are grown underground so are at risk of having mold, etc.
    > inside the shell. That said, I do allow my Grey to have
    > about 3, maybe 4, per day. But I am also extrememly careful
    > where they come from, the cleanliness of them and just
    > generally "how they look". I realize I may be shooting
    > with it, despite how careful I am. But he loves them so, he
    > gets them and I just continue to try to be as vigilant as
    > possible. I'm not going to tell you what to do. You have
    > decide but I hope this helps.
    Hi Grey Lady thanks I feed about 8 a day but will cut back I
    know it is his favorite food for sure. And he is always so
    happy to get them. Thank you for responding to my question.
    Have a grey day!!!!feathers and Rudy