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Re: Peanuts in a shell

Posted by GreyLady on 4/10/09
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    I have to admit, I'm not aware of the fat content of almonds. They
    are so good in the calcium dept. and he eats them so well, I haven't
    been concerned about the fat content. Not that it's a problem with
    this particular bird. He only has 2, sometimes 3 per day and he gets
    no sunflower seeds at all, as many birds do. I figure that helps
    offset any fat in the almonds, at least some. Yeah, I'd say keep
    offering the walnuts. It seems we never know when they are going to
    do an about face and decide something is okay afterall. I have an
    interesting issue here with eggs. Mine used to eat them, hard
    boiled. The others prefer scrambled. So, going with the majority, I
    started scrambling only. He turned up his nose for the longest over
    it, then finally gave in. Now, on rare occasion that I have boiled
    eggs and use them for birds, he is the only one that looks sorely
    offended that he doesn't have scrambled. He is just a spoiled brat,
    wants whatever is different than what he has. Sheesh! Happy Easter
    to you as well. May you not find any Easter eggs in your cages. LOL