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Re: hard to get my grey fot of her cage

Posted by Wayne on 10/01/09
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    I would recommend setting a chair close to the cage when you
    wish to interact with it. Just talk calmy to the bird and
    see if it will come out on its own, build trust with the
    bird, let it know its safe to come out when your around.
    Maybe every so often reach in the cage and act like your
    adjusting a toy or perch, another way to show it that you
    can be trusted and that you're not a danger to it. Maybe try
    handing her a piece of food or a treat. If the bird talks,
    use words it knows and soothing sounds while your waiting
    for it to come out of the cage or when you're moving your
    hand around in the cage. Just realize its gonna take some
    time for you to gain its trust, and you need to make an
    effort to interact with it as often as possible, repetition
    is a key tool for alot of animals. Hope this helps, give it
    time and I think you'll be happy with the results. Best of
    luck to you and your Grey.