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Re: hard to get my grey fot of her cage

Posted by GreyLady on 4/12/09
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    That's just life with a parrot. There is no guarantee who
    they will decide they like best or least. It can be true of
    any of them and some will say, that's especially true of
    Greys. You can't make the bird like you any more than it
    wants to like you. All you can do is continue to interact
    with it, to the extent it allows. You cannot force the issue
    and have any success. In fact, trying to force it will only
    make matters worse. Your only choice is to keep up what
    positive interaction you can with it, but also accept that it
    may have chosen your girlfriend as it's favorite person and
    live with it. Knowing Greys as I do, I also know it's not
    impossible that at some point in it's life it can suddenly do
    an about face and you will be the favorite. But that's only
    possible if you have maintained a relationship to the extent
    the bird allows and not tried to force beyond that.