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Re: hard to get my grey fot of her cage

Posted by Alexis on 4/14/09
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    Spend more time with her when she is outside the cage because
    you said she is okay. Avoid trying to get her out of the cage
    for now. That loud noise she is making when you are trying to
    take her out is a clear sign that she does not want you to.
    If she comes to you when she is outside the cage, do it more
    often. Get a perch stand. She is still young and could be
    workable. If your girlfriend is going somewhere and you stay
    home, ask your girlfriend to take her out before she leaves.
    That is a good time to work on your grey. You'll get
    undivided attention.

    FORCE IS A BIG NO NO. Once she snaps, it could be a habit and
    you'll be sorry.