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Re: grapes

Posted by Jen on 6/25/09
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    On 4/19/09, Dan wrote:
    > My 2 year olg grey is obsessed with grapes, but I heard
    > that there could be a negative long-term impact on the
    > liver. Any truth to this?

    Most grapes (espescially the ones shipped in through chile
    are treated with various gasses to make them dormant. This
    keeps the grapes fresh through shipping and keeps them
    looking nicer longer (think about it, grapes "go bad" much
    more slowly than other fruits). It is the gas they are
    treated with and not the grapes that pose health issues. Try
    buying organic grapes, they arent treated with gas. Raw,
    organic grapes have a lot of health benefits to our birds.
    The bioflavanoids found in fresh fruit are not found in
    pellets or seed mixes and help the birds synthisize various
    vitamins. If you can, look for red grapes with seeds. They
    are the healthiest for your bird.

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