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Re: perching

Posted by dan on 4/23/09
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    On 4/23/09, karen wrote:
    > On 4/22/09, dan wrote:
    >> I have a 2 year old timneh male, who mates with my wife,
    >> but only perches with me. I am his principal caregiver,
    >> but it is curious how he always perches with me and never
    >> with my wife, with whom he bonds with.
    > Birds are flock creatures
    > If you do thing correctly
    > The people in the house become the flock
    > Each individual has a position in the flock
    > Mate, sibling, rival, leader etc.
    > Depending on your ranking of the day is how you are treated
    > -If you do things incorrectly the poor bird
    > is among vicious predators-
    > The birds rank us all
    > Congratulations on letting the TAG live
    > harmoniously in your home