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Re: Better bird

Posted by GreyLady on 4/27/09
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    You can't really approach the decision in that manner. It's
    not a matter of one being a "better bird" over the other.
    They are all different, even within the same species. All
    you can do is indepth research of both and try to decide
    which might best fit your life style. But if this is your
    first bird, you need to start out with researching what is
    involved in living with a bird of any kind. It's not a cheap
    endeavor, it's time consuming and labor intensive. Review
    the amount of time you have to spend with one, how expensive
    everything is, especially how expensive Avian vet bills can
    be, assuming you even have one near you. Lot's of folks
    don't have one within reach. And for sure, review all the
    dangers in your home that you will have to get rid of and
    stop using before a bird comes home. If you haven't already,
    check out this information.

    Generally speaking, neither of those two are recommended as
    first birds, for the novice owner. The Greys especially can
    be very complex.