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Re: to mustbecrazy

Posted by acrazynurse on 7/30/09
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    On 7/29/09, Mustbecrazy
    > On 6/19/09, Rick Bucak wrote:
    >> On 6/08/09, acrazynurse wrote:
    >>> I need to find loviong homes for a congo and timneh greys.
    >>> Theya re both handicapped. If anyone on here is intrested
    >>> and can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks.
    >> I am your man 901-277-3997 Memphis,tn.
    > You would have to be nuts to consider just handing them off to
    > a total stranger that you don't even know for sure where he
    > lives or anything about him. Poor, poor

    I would never just hand them off to someone that I didn't know
    anything about. I have worked with birds for many years and I
    know what peole do to totally healthy birds and to handicapped
    birds too. IThat is why I was asking for help from people that I
    thought could help. If I wanted stupid remarks I would not have
    come to a site that is suppose to be here to help.!!!! I will do
    my home work you do yours!!