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Re: to mustbecrazy

Posted by Mustbecrazy on 7/30/09
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    On 7/30/09, acrazynurse wrote:

    > I would never just hand them off to someone that I didn't know
    > anything about. I have worked with birds for many years and I
    > know what peole do to totally healthy birds and to handicapped
    > birds too. IThat is why I was asking for help from people that I
    > thought could help. If I wanted stupid remarks I would not have
    > come to a site that is suppose to be here to help.!!!! I will do
    > my home work you do yours!!

    Funy thing is, I know who you are. And if you were really worried
    about them, you wouldn't be on the internet in the first place.
    You don't seriously think you are going to find that kind of help
    on any site do you? All you will find are folks trying to get more
    free birds. Duh!