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Re: I lost my Timenh African Grey

Posted by Ludka on 7/11/09
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    Hello, I just want to let you know that whatever Grey Lady
    posted is true, know of my own experience. My CAG took off
    almost 4 years ago and we put posters on our and neigbouhood
    subdiviosions, grocery stores, vets most important Human
    society and local newspapers. He was gone 3 day and 4 nights,
    some people called they saw him in trees, we looked and called
    he responded with phone ringing(he just learned it) but we
    could not see him. I`m sure he saw us but was too scared to
    come back. 3 days later he was hungry and thirsty so he tried
    to land on a mans shoulder(scared the guy)byt landscapers saw
    this and one of them took him home and fed him. He contacted
    us though Human society(they gave him our phone #) and my
    husband went to pick him up there. He was found about 4 miles
    from our house. So don`t give up and try, most people have
    pets and feel with you and will help. I wish your bird is
    found and bring you joy. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!