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Re: I lost my Timenh African Grey

Posted by GreyLady on 7/16/09
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    You are most welcome. I just wish you were able to report
    success. Yes, the guy ranting about the wing clip is full of
    crap. More lost birds are ones that have been clipped as opposed
    to being fully flighted. That's because a PROPER wing clip does
    not prevent flying. It only prevents the gaining of altitude. A
    conservative clip is the only way to go with a Grey, if you are
    going to clip at all because they are so prone to falling on
    their chest, cutting it open from the inside out with their sharp
    keel bones. Don't let the guy make you feel guilty. My Grey is
    always fully flighted. I am extremely careful but it's my
    thought, if he should ever happen to get out, I want him fully
    flighted and able to hopefully escape predators. Also, I can't
    imagine a Grey flying 50 miles in one day. Maybe but doubtful.
    I don't think a bird who is normally housebound would have that
    kind of stamina. Plus everything is going to be strange and
    scary. They are far more likely to stay close to home. If you
    have not offered a reward, that is critical. When folks find a
    lost dog or cat, they usually try to find the owners. When
    anyone finds a parrot, way too often, the first instinct is to go
    buy a cage and keep it. They have no clue about the bond with
    the owners, only that "wow, a parrot, they cost lots of money".
    In addition to the reward, the "needs medication" can often bring
    one home when other attempts fail. Few people want an animal
    they think is going to cost them money right away. I wouldn't
    normally encouage someone to lie but when our pets are missing,
    and with the unscrupulous folks out there, alls fair, in my
    opinion. Contacting as many young kids as possible, offering
    them a reward can be a huge help. Kids are much more observant
    than adults and may spot him when someone else would look right
    through him. A friend of mine got her Macaw back because the
    little brother of the person who had him, told her, "there is a
    bird that looks just like that living in the bathtub at my
    brother's house". I wish I had more help to offer. I sure have
    my fingers crossed for you. GL