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Re: Taking a bath

Posted by bill on 12/08/09
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    On 10/06/09, Deanna wrote:
    > Hi all, I have a question if someone would be so kind as
    > to help me out...I have had my boy Clyde, he's about 8
    > months old now and has never taken a bath, I don't know
    > but I think it's important to them to bathe, but he's
    > always scared when I introduce him to water, what I'd like
    > to kno is if it is really necessary and if so, how do I
    > get him to try it, every time I introduce water to him he
    > just wants to get away and is scared, can someone give me
    > some insight? thanks in advance for any help
    > deanna

    I put a tupperware 4 inch plastic container in the bottom of
    his cage where he feels safer,I then spray him and make a big
    fuss about him getting in the water sometimes he just charges
    for the container other times he needs coaxing but usally
    with the spraying with warm water he heads down to the bottom
    of the cage and dosen't want to come out as long as I am
    spraying him with the bottle. Another thing is the water in
    the container should be on the cool side not cold but not hot
    the spray bottle should be hot turning warm as you spray him.
    Give it a try and maybe splash the water a little to show him
    its ok to go in....good luck