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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide?

Posted by Lola, the lovebird lady on 10/19/09
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    On 10/18/09, Pete wrote:
    > I added a Sun Conure (Fifi) to my flock of three Congo
    > African Greys yesterday and I do not know if she needs
    > gravel or not? I asked on the Conure chatboard, but they
    > are less active than here and I need to know soon. Some
    > websites say yes, but most do not even mention it. The
    > previous owner tried gravel in the beginning, but she never
    > went near it. I have read some sites refering to Sun
    > Conures as Parakeets, so I think they might need gravel?
    > Please respond if you know, in the mean time, I will use it
    > out of Prudence. THANKS

    Grit is an item that strikes controversy with many when it
    comes to keeping birds. Some will say never while others say
    If you provide grit for your bird, (any bird) they may or may
    not use it as they see fit. What is more beneficial than
    grit is mineral grit or what is better known as oyster shell.
    This is easily digested by the bird and provides calcium and
    minerals that the bird needs to live and carry on normal
    bodily functions such as egg laying.
    Grit basically serves to help break up food in the crop and
    is not as digestible as oyster shell.
    Sometimes when a bird has never had grit it will consume
    larger amounts of it when it is first provided. After that,
    it will slow down.
    Use both at your discretion.