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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide?

Posted by GreyLady on 10/19/09
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    It is controversial, that is true. But the basic rule is, a
    bird who does not hull their seeds first, needs grit for
    digestion. That includes birds like Canarys, Finches, Doves
    and other "softbills". Hookbills, like all parrots,
    including your Conure, hull their seeds first and do not need
    it. I always recommend they have no access to it. If they
    ingest too much, it can cause impaction in the digestive
    system, anywhere from the crop, all the way through. It
    could lead to very expensive and high risk surgery to correct
    it. They can get the minerals they need from many other
    safer sources, including the fresh fruits, veggies, leafy
    greens and a huge variety of mineral blocks they can munch
    on. For me, I would play it safe and not provide any kind of