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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide? - THANKS

Posted by Pete on 10/24/09
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    Thanks for your advice all three responses agreed with a
    Breeder who I had contacted. Conures are sometimes referred
    to as members of the Parakeet family, so I thought maybe they
    needed gravel, but the answer was NO. I will keep some of the
    Oyster Shell stuff on the side for when Fifi gets Millett and
    put up a Cuttle Bone and/or Mineral Block. THANKS AGAIN

    On 10/18/09, Pete wrote:
    > I added a Sun Conure (Fifi) to my flock of three Congo
    > African Greys yesterday and I do not know if she needs
    > gravel or not? I asked on the Conure chatboard, but they
    > are less active than here and I need to know soon. Some
    > websites say yes, but most do not even mention it. The
    > previous owner tried gravel in the beginning, but she never
    > went near it. I have read some sites refering to Sun
    > Conures as Parakeets, so I think they might need gravel?
    > Please respond if you know, in the mean time, I will use it
    > out of Prudence. THANKS