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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide? - THANKS

Posted by Greylady on 10/25/09
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    On 10/24/09, Pete wrote:
    > Thanks for your advice all three responses agreed with a
    > Breeder who I had contacted. Conures are sometimes referred
    > to as members of the Parakeet family, so I thought maybe they
    > needed gravel, but the answer was NO. I will keep some of the
    > Oyster Shell stuff on the side for when Fifi gets Millett and
    > put up a Cuttle Bone and/or Mineral Block. THANKS AGAIN

    Little add on since you mentioned Parakeets. They also should
    not have gravel or grit. They are hookbills, just like Conures
    and all the others who shell their seeds first. Just thought
    I'd throw that in in case you ever add a Parakeet or Budgie to
    your flock. GL