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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide? - THANKS

Posted by GreyLady on 10/26/09
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    On 10/25/09, Miss Science wrote:

    > Do you think that birds who live in the wild know not to eat any
    > stones, sand or small gravel? I wonder if they read the rules?

    I guess it hasn't occurred to you to realize the differences in
    wild birds who make all their own choices as compared to birds in
    captivity who receive only what we provide. Some people have taken
    the time to do research. Obviously many have not. Many birds in
    captivity, due to the ignorance of the humans who have them, border
    on insanity. They will make very poor choices as respects their
    health and what they may ingest. Boredom, lack of proper nutrition
    and general bad bird keeping practices can force them to do many
    things they would not do in nature. Just one example, how many
    plucked, self mutilated birds have you ever seen in the wild? Or
    maybe you have never seen a plucked parrot? Never seen one sitting
    in one place, just rocking and staring off into space? Maybe you
    should take the time to research what can happen to parrots in
    captivity when people have little or no idea how to care and
    provide for them.