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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel as a Digestive Aide? - THANKS

Posted by GreyLady on 10/26/09
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    On 10/26/09, Miss Science wrote:

    > Thank you for proving my point! Why should we deny them something so
    > simple AND what they would have access to if they had the opportunity
    > to choose if they could?
    > The problem with the information found on the Internet and some
    > publications is that there are too many blanket theories proclaimed
    > and then they become gospel. I realize that you are a person that
    > always advises to err on the side of caution, but that can also prove
    > to fail when there are so many "made up rules" that keep people from
    > providing what birds would have access to in nature.
    > I do not deny or refute that somewhere out there there was a bird or
    > two that ate too much grit and had an impacted crop, but this is far
    > more the exception to the rule and not the norm. If food, water,
    > etc. are being provided for and the bird is not nutritionally
    > deficient, the bird WILL have the good sense (instinct) not to over
    > indulge on something that a few people have determined to be
    > detrimental in a cage bird's diet.
    > There are equally good bird owners out there there as there are bad.
    > Not everyone is uneducated or willing to accept something just
    > because it has been said to do something.
    > I have searched and searched and cannot find any SUBSTANTIAL evidence
    > that proves that grit is harmful to any bird, both soft bill or hook
    > bill. If you have that data, please direct me to a study with
    > conclusive findings.
    If you don't recognize the names Harrison and Ritchie,
    well......................and make sure you read the entire article.
    Don't just pick and choose the information that may seem to enforce
    your opinion. Opinion, not to be confused with facts from some of the
    best Avian vets in the country. You are exactly right in one thing, I
    always advise erring on the safe side. Birds who do not need grit for
    digestion should not have access to it. The reason they might ingest
    it is because they have a mineral deficiency in their diet. That is
    not the way to correct it. Proper knowledge of their mineral needs and
    safe ways to provide it is the answer. When dealing with people on
    message boards such as this and most others, you are trying to help
    people who have not taken the time to do their own research. If they
    had, they would not be asking questions in these forums where they have
    no idea about the validity, or not, of any information they get. If
    they are responsible, they will do further checking on their own,
    preferably with their own Avian vet. But as we all know, a large
    majority of them do not even have a proper vet. Sometimes because
    there is none. Sometimes because they feel what they paid for the bird
    is not worth the price of a good vet. There are too many folks out
    there who will read something similar to your views, assume it's okay
    to give grit without considering the birds true dietary needs and it's
    the bird who will suffer. Why risk it? If you are really trying to
    help the birds and not just argue for the sake of arguing, you would
    also, always, err on the side of the bird's safety.