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Re: Why does this Chatboard exist???

Posted by GreyLady on 10/26/09
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    On 10/26/09, Pete wrote:
    > Why does this Chatboard exist, if not to educate the
    > novices like me? This used to be a place to go to ask a
    > question and learn what could be done to resolve it. Over
    > the past few years it has become bitter and rarely used. It
    > is NORMAL for even top experts in any field to disagree.
    > Why does a simple question about gravel cause such a stir?
    > I don`t think the question was the reason???

    No Pete, your question was not the reason at all. You are
    correct. Trying to help others is supposed to be the purpose
    of this kind of board and should be it's only use.
    Unfortunately there a a couple folks who come to them, only
    to nit pick and find fault. There is one person in
    particular who behaves this way on every board he can find
    and has been banned from several because of it. He continues
    to seek out new ones where he can spread his misery. For
    sure experts don't always agree. Not that I consider myself
    an expert. When I here any lay person claim to be
    an "expert" on avian issues, I am suspicious. Avian research
    is so relatively new, it can change from day to day almost.
    Things I thought were gospel a few years ago are not all the
    case now. My work is as a Parrot Behaviorist/Consultant and
    there is a lot I still don't know for sure. Speaking only
    for myself, I just try to help the best I can, in as concise
    a way as possible since that's about all one can do in this
    kind of format. I'm mushy on the inside for the birds but I
    have a tough hide. Arguments, slurs, and put downs roll
    right off.