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Re: Why does this Chatboard exist???

Posted by Miss Science on 10/27/09
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    On 10/26/09, Pete wrote:
    > Why does this Chatboard exist, if not to educate the
    > novices like me? This used to be a place to go to ask a
    > question and learn what could be done to resolve it. Over
    > the past few years it has become bitter and rarely used. It
    > is NORMAL for even top experts in any field to disagree.
    > Why does a simple question about gravel cause such a stir?
    > I don`t think the question was the reason???

    You're right, Pete. But in fairness, you came
    here "thinking" that gravel/grit was bad and it appears that
    you were looking only for validation to your theory. You
    received your validation from GreyLady.
    But what you fail to realize is that this a a board where
    everyone is entitled to post their opinions, be it fact,
    theory or conjecture.
    Woe be to the person that disagrees with GreyLady. This is
    not her board. With all of her experience, knowledge and
    general savoir faire, why does this pseudo-expert not have
    her own website where she can dole out her pearls of wisdom?
    Is it that her following is but a few unsuspecting souls that
    have to put an R and an L on the bottom of their shoes in
    order to get dressed in the morning?
    Wake up Pete! Everything GreyLady is going to offer you will
    be easily found on the internet. Trust me, you are not going
    to get one original thought that you couldn't find yourself
    if you simply did a search on your computer.