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Re: Why does this Chatboard exist???

Posted by GreyLady on 10/27/09
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    On 10/27/09, Miss Science wrote:

    > You're right, Pete. But in fairness, you came
    > here "thinking" that gravel/grit was bad and it appears that
    > you were looking only for validation to your theory. You
    > received your validation from GreyLady.
    > But what you fail to realize is that this a a board where
    > everyone is entitled to post their opinions, be it fact,
    > theory or conjecture.
    > Woe be to the person that disagrees with GreyLady. This is
    > not her board. With all of her experience, knowledge and
    > general savoir faire, why does this pseudo-expert not have
    > her own website where she can dole out her pearls of wisdom?
    > Is it that her following is but a few unsuspecting souls that
    > have to put an R and an L on the bottom of their shoes in
    > order to get dressed in the morning?
    > Wake up Pete! Everything GreyLady is going to offer you will
    > be easily found on the internet. Trust me, you are not going
    > to get one original thought that you couldn't find yourself
    > if you simply did a search on your computer.