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Re: Why does this Chatboard exist???

Posted by Jane on 3/09/10
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    On 10/26/09, GreyLady wrote:

    > No Pete, your question was not the reason at all. You are
    > correct. Trying to help others is supposed to be the
    > of this kind of board and should be it's only use.
    > Unfortunately there a a couple folks who come to them, only
    > to nit pick and find fault.
    And cause unnecessary trouble. That is precisely why MOST of
    the truly knowledgable people, who used to be on here, left.
    It's hard to offer help to those who need it when there are so
    many who come on here simply because they have nothing else in
    life to do but start arguments and muddy the water so much
    that the needed answers get lost in the piles of poop. This
    board is supposed to be about birds and to offer advice and
    support to bird people. It was never intended to be a place
    for people with mental health issues who thrive on chaos and
    know little or nothing about birds. If you are in real doubt
    about a birds state of health, you should always consult a
    certified avian vet and get the latest information about
    current issues and research concerning avian health.