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Re: Greys chewing paper

Posted by GreyLady on 11/05/09
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    From my experience, I don't think it has anything to do with
    them being breeders or not. My single male does the same
    thing. I keep a roll of adding maching tape, strung on a
    piece of vegetable tanned leather, hanging from his cage
    bars. He loves to shred it. There should be no harm in it
    so long as you are sure it's only the newspaper and not any
    of the shiney inserts. Also be sure it is printed with the
    vegetable based inks as opposed to the old style dangerous
    inks. I don't think any of the printers still use the old
    style but it never hurts to make sure. Or you could use
    plain white paper instead. Some newspapers will sell you a
    quantity of their paper prior to printing. Wouldn't hurt to
    ask your local paper. If you want to try the rolls, I often
    find them at thrift stores really cheap.