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Re: African Greys

Posted by Mellon on 11/06/09
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    On 11/06/09, GreenLady wrote:
    > On 11/06/09, Mellon wrote:
    >> Can Grey breeders tell what they feed their birds. I am
    >> always looking for ways to improve. T U
    > I feed mine seed mix, pellets, fresh vegetables, kale,
    > collards, mustards, turnip greens, broccoli, frozen mixed
    > vegetables, home-made bird bread, red palm oil, cooked eggs,
    > some fruits in moderation, wild berries, green seeds (in
    > season, golden rod (in season), aloe vera juice.
    How do you add the palm oil?
    Aloe Vera juice- do you add to the water or food?