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Re: African Greys

Posted by GreyLady on 11/06/09
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    "GreenLady, AKA Dave" is incorrect about using aloe as a food.
    You don't feed the aloe vera juice. It can be added to bath
    water to improve skin and feather condition and it can be rubbed
    on dry, scaley feet and legs. That doesn't mean it's dangerous
    if ingested, quite the opposite. But it's also not to be used as
    a regular food. If you will google "Aloe, parrot pharmacy in a
    leaf", you will find some excellent information on it. Just make
    sure it is straight from a plant, not some over the counter
    product that only contains aloe. You also don't want to give
    them access to the entire plant as the outer skin can cause
    stomach upset in some. Just slice off one of the arms, slit it
    open and use the gooey center. Palm oil can be used on almost any
    food, preferably the "wet" ones. It can be used to scramble
    their eggs, mix in birdy bread, etc. I was unable to find Golden
    Rod on any of the plant lists, safe or unsafe so I'd check that
    further or ask your vet. Beware of information given by someone
    who uses a different name with each post. Some folks think it's
    real cute to offer dangerous advice.