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Re: African Greys

Posted by GreyLady on 11/07/09
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    On 11/07/09, Mellon wrote:
    > Where do you purchase the Palm oil from? What do you put in
    > your bread mixture? I am really interested the info that
    > you have given. Thank You

    I got mine from Drs. Foster and SMith but I just checked
    their site and they don't seem to carry it any longer. I'm
    not sure where to tell you to look. YOu might try a health
    food store. For birdy bread, mine is probably never the same
    thing twice. I always start with a cornbread mix. Then I
    add things, usually whatever I have on hand that is good for
    them. You can make one with fruits and if you need more
    liquid, you can use applesauce. You can also make it by
    mixing in some vegetables or just whatever. My flock likes
    the frozen mixed vegetables, (not the one with onions) so
    sometimes I will thaw some, then put them in the batter. If
    you make it in a muffin pan, it makes it easy to freeze some
    and pull out what you need, when you need it. If you have
    one that is picky about pellets, you can add some of them as
    Any time you need more liquid because of added ingredients,
    make it either the applesauce or just water. Don't use
    milk. Most parrots are lactose intolerant and it can cause
    upset stomach. If you really want to start totally from
    scratch, here is one recipe. Keep in mind, you can mix and
    match the ingredients until you find one they really like or
    just to keep a variety of tastes to offer.

    1 cup corn meal
    1 cup organic flour oat or wheat or brown rice
    1 cup any flavor V8 Fusion
    1 Cup chopped salt free roasted nuts
    1 grated apple
    4 smashed bannanas
    2 eggs
    1/4 cup milled flax seed
    2 tbs baking powder
    Organic cooked barley brown rice and quinoa use one cup total
    mix it into the bread
    Mix it all up add a grated sweet patato and carrot. All this
    will add moisture if you need a tad more corn meal add by 1/4
    cups with organic flour.
    Bake as you would corn meal muffins cool and feed fresh to
    your parrot.Freeze those you don't need right away and feed
    daily never use white flour or white rice just use brown
    organic etc...
    Mix all into a bowl as you would cornbread muffins.
    Bake at 450 degrees until done starting at 20 minutes check
    the center and add time at 5 minute incraments.