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Re: Up and Down

Posted by GreyLady on 11/19/09
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    You are very welcome. Thank you for giving him/her a great
    home. No, I have never used a thermal perch. But, I live in S/W
    Florida so not much need. I do think they could be a good thing
    though if the bird does not live normally in the same temperature
    that is comfortable to you. During winter months, humidity is
    the thing you will most have to watch. Furnaces make for very
    dry air so lots of opportunity to bathe and keep humidity up is
    best for a bird.
    As for the lighting, I don't know there are any cut and dried
    rules for timing. I rotate mine around so that my flock, (4
    different cages), get 2 or 3 days a week of "sunshine". Mine is
    a floor lamp style. I place it about 2 feet from the cage. But
    I also make sure there it is placed so they can get out of the
    light if they choose. I leave it on one cage, pretty much all of
    the current daylight hours. When you work on the step up, it
    will be good to continue using the same command the bird is used
    to. I think most folks say "step up" but with my Grey, I usually
    say "let's go" or "do you want some help". I try to let mine
    make all of his own decisions that can safely be allowed,
    hence, the two different phrases. When I say "let's go", he
    knows he must comply. When I ask if he wants help, he knows it's
    his choice. That's another thing I didn't mention. When dealing
    with this kind of IQ, they do need to be allowed to make a lot of
    their own decisions. But they must also always know who is flock
    leader and that must always be you. The more of their own
    decisions they can make, the better adjusted and happier they
    will be. They will also rarely refuse an "order" so long as they
    get to choose at other times. It's a tricky balance but one you
    can achieve over time. It will be even more important when he
    starts to sexually mature. You will probably find that at least
    during his first real surge of hormones, he may get a bit testy
    and irritable and will "try you" on occasion. Again, just ignore
    any undesirable behavior and be lavish in praise the rest of the
    time. It will pass. Feel free to email me if you like. GL