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Re: Up and Down

Posted by GreyLady on 11/20/09
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    On 11/19/09, Wanting to do right by George wrote:
    > thank you again. i really appreciate your insite.
    > can there be two flock leaders in the home? like me and my
    > girlfriend? or will he always see one of us as a playmate and the
    > other as the flock leader?

    In an ideal world, you and your girlfriend and anyone else who lives
    in the house can be flock leaders and can handle the bird. And your
    bird will be friendly, to some degree, to any other person trusted to
    interact with your bird. However, few of us who live with Greys come
    anywhere near that ideal. It's most likely your bird will choose a
    favorite person, whom he may or may not consider the flock leader.
    That person may be the only one who can handle him without having to
    always be alert to any thing from a nip to an occasional serious
    bite. We must always remember they are not domesticated, tame
    animals. They are wild creatures with strong instincts from living
    in the wild, who do their best to live with us. Whoever that
    favorite person is can change also. I know of situations where
    almost over night, a Grey has changed it's preference from one
    favored person to someone else in the home. There is just no way to
    predict any of it. All we can do is to do our best and be prepared
    to continue to accept and love the bird no matter what. It's all
    part of the sometimes confusing situation of living with pretty much
    any parrot and especially one as opinionated as a Grey.