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Re: Getting a baby timneh

Posted by GreenLady on 11/20/09
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    On 11/19/09, Rachel wrote:
    > I'm getting a 4 month old timneh african grey, she is not
    > hand tamed but was hand fed and i just want to know how
    > hard it is to tame them and get them to start talking. I
    > wanted to get a hand tamed one but couldn't find one on my
    > price range. This gentleman is willing to sell me this
    > little girl but says I have to work with her. Any advice
    > would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    If this bird is only 4 months old and was hand fed, the bird
    was just recently weaned, barely. To tell you that the bird
    is not tame sends up a red flag as to the age of this bird as
    well as how it was hand fed.
    Most birds that are properly hand fed will be somewhat tame,
    if not completely, unless it was fed only to survive and
    quickly put back into a brooder and never handled.
    If this bird is truly 4 months old, you shouldn't have any
    problem taming and gaining it's trust as it it very young and
    looking for security and affection.
    I don't want to discourage you, but encourage you to ask more
    questions as to how the bird was fed and for it's age, why
    isn't it more tame? A good breeder wouldn't have any problem
    with you wanting to know more.