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Re: Getting a baby timneh

Posted by rachel on 11/21/09
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    Thank you Greenlady, I decided to get one from east coast exotic
    instead as this one is very friendly, very tamed and well
    socialized. It also comes with a one yr guaranty in case of death
    and what not from a genetic condition.
    this is also part of their guaranty:
    We test all new additions prior to being added to our flocks for
    Polyoma, Psittacosis & PBFD

    - We guarantee the health of all of our birds and customers have 5
    days to confirm their health with a Certified Avian veternarian.

    - We do provide a 2 week personality guarantee (also in writing)
    for some customers as long as we feel comfortable that they are
    not using us as "try a bird".
    This baby will cost me 350 dollars more but it is well worth it as
    i won't have to wonder if the little one is ill or not. This one
    is also a congo not a timneh. I just purchased 2 new books on are
    and training and have enlisted the help of several friends with
    similar birds for support and advice. This little baby has start
    to talk and is only 3 months old so I'm don't want to bring him
    home yet as he's on one comfort feeding a day.