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Re: Honest to God

Posted by J.R. on 12/24/09
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    On 11/23/09, Grace wrote:
    > I'm being driven absolutely nuts by my African Grey. He's a
    > smart fellow and very friendly. But he won't shut the F up
    > and we're talking loud high pitched shrieks whether he's in
    > his large cage or with free roam in the family room. My
    > other Grey is extremely well behaved with none of this
    > nonsense. However, she is starting to imitate his shiiit
    > Head behavior. This bird is seriously more annoying than
    > any of my ex husbands. I have fantasies of chopping off his
    > head.

    Well something is not making that bird happy.... as they get
    older and more mature their likes and dislikes change too
    ..... how old are the birds and how long has it been going on ....