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Re: Getting ready to adopt???Should I????

Posted by Sharon on 11/30/09
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    On 11/29/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 11/29/09, Sharon wrote:
    >> HI, I am thinking of adopting a CAG 10 year old supposed
    >> to be male..he is a plucker totally naked chest. I do not
    >> have experience with pluckers. I have a YNA and a conure
    >> great birds well cared for and loved....where should I
    >> start with the CAG...should I try?? He apparently doesn't
    >> like men....the bird was a pawn in a divorce and has
    >> finally been returned to his owner but with his new issue
    >> of plucking the original owner doesn't have the time to
    >> dedicate to try and break him of this. The plicking is a
    >> new beaviour for him. He has been doing it about a
    >> year,original owner has gotten sprays and supplements and
    >> so far nothing helps,the feathers grow back and the bird
    >> plucks them right on out!! Any help is appreciated...I do
    >> not have much info on the bird I have not met him
    >> yet...apparently he seems well adjusted has alot of out of
    >> cage time eats Zupreem natural fresh veggies. I guess
    >> basically I want a bit of input and to decide should I
    >> take this bird on or not??
    > Just the fact that you are asking tells me you would be a
    > great home for this bird, as long as you feel you have the
    > extra time he is going to need. What a shame they put him
    > through that stress and hassle. He has obviously been the
    > one to suffer for their insensitivity and selfishness. More
    > than likely, in his case, the stress is what drove him to
    > pluck. However, since there can be underlying health issues
    > that also cause it, it would be best to get him a check up
    > with a good Avian vet, just in case. Even though stress may
    > be causing it, the stress could also have made him more
    > vulnerable to an illness. If it were me, I'd get the
    > possiblility of a health issue settled one way or the other,
    > then after he is settled in and comfortable, start working
    > with distracting him from the plucking with new toys, things
    > to shred and tons of attention. It's important to try to
    > stop it before he damages his follicles and can't replace
    > feathers. Good for you if you can give him a solid home and
    > best of luck to you.

    Thanks for responding...I do have a great vet and will bring
    him soon as I get him.
    How can you tell if the follicles are already dammaged and how
    long does it take for feathers to regrow.....guess I'd like to
    know how I will be able to tell if I am helping him....and how
    long I can expect to see some improvement?
    THANKS very much for helping me out!!