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Re: Getting ready to adopt???Should I????

Posted by GreyLady on 11/30/09
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    On 11/30/09, Sharon wrote:
    > Hi
    > Thanks for responding...I do have a great vet and will bring
    > him soon as I get him.
    > How can you tell if the follicles are already dammaged and how
    > long does it take for feathers to regrow.....guess I'd like to
    > know how I will be able to tell if I am helping him....and how
    > long I can expect to see some improvement?
    > THANKS very much for helping me out!!
    > Sharon

    I'm not sure if you can tell for sure, just by looking, whether
    the follicles are damaged beyond regrowth. You may have to
    depend on your vet to tell you that. But, if the plucking has
    been a relatively recent thing and if he has not pushed it to the
    point of actual self mutilation or skin damage, I'd say the odds
    are very good that they will regrow. If that's the case, you
    should start seeing the appearance of some little pin feathers
    very soon after the plucking stops. No doubt, they are going to
    be itchy and uncomfortable for him so keeping him distracted and
    keeping his skin in the best possible condition is going to be
    important. For sure, follow your vet's recommendation but I'm
    personally strongly against any of those over the counter sprays
    and other crap in the pet stores. Some of them cause more harm
    than good and always remember that anything on your bird's
    feathers ends up in his system as he preens it off. Try pure
    aloe, right from the plant. Cut an arm off, slit it open and
    use the gooey center as a skin conditioner if he will allow you
    to rub it on. It's also good for scaley, dry feet, legs and
    beaks. There is a great article on line called "Aloe, parrot
    pharmacy in a leaf". You should be able to google that title and
    get it. Tons of good information in it about how good natural
    aloe is for our bird's outsides and insides. But don't allow
    them access to the entire plant. The rind can cause stomach
    upset in some. I keep several plants growing at all times, just
    for the use on my birds and in their bath water.