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Post: CAG's and bonding

Posted by Wanting to do right by George on 12/03/09

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    So, George still won't do 'up or down' but he doesn't mind
    me picking him up. I don't need a towel or anything to do
    so. he just lets me pick him up and move him to wherever.
    the only time he's bitten me in the process was when one
    of the dogs came around the corner at the same time and it
    scared him. even then, he barely broke skin. we've really
    bonded and i feel like he trusts me a lot.

    A local man has an African grey that he is potentially
    going to re-home. I LOVE george and i'm absolutely
    content with him. however, i was curious if greys usually
    like having a bonding partner? i've read that birds in
    general are picky about their mates and i can certainly
    respect that. but in general, do they want a mate? are
    they wanting to find the right mate? does it need to be
    another grey or would a macaw or another bird make a good

    i'm asking strictly for his own happiness and bird
    companionship (which obviously being a human i cannot
    match companionship another bird might be able to offer).
    i'm not asking for breeding purposes bc i have no ambition
    to breed at the moment.

    if they do desire a mate, what signs should i look for
    if/when 'testing' a potential bonding partner? how should
    i go about it?

    i just want him to be as happy as he can possibly be.

    thank you.

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