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Re: Congo Grey Male 25y/o acts sexually while being handled

Posted by Robert on 1/22/10
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    On 1/22/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 1/21/10, Robert wrote:
    >> My male Grey acts in a sexual manner while being handled?
    >> is he wanting to mate? He's reaching his sexual peek? Or
    >> he looking for partner bird? Please advise my bird
    >> buddies. Robert NC
    > Male Greys become sexually mature at about age 6. So, your
    > guy has had active hormonal cycles for quite a while now.
    > You didn't actually describe the behavior in detail so it's
    > impossible to say what he is doing or to even guess what he
    > is thinking. But if you are pretty sure it's sexual
    > behavior, it's most likely just that he is currently having
    > hormone surge. It could be due to the weather, the
    > temperature in your home, the amount of daylight hours he is
    > experiencing, the manner in which you handle/pet him or any
    > combination of those. While he is in this "mood" be very
    > careful where you touch him. The safest thing is to
    > visualize a collar around his shoulders. Never pet him
    > behind that imaginary line. Never put pressure of any kind
    > on his back and don't handle or stroke anywhere under his
    > wings. Those only increase his sexual reactions. If he is
    > trying to masturbate on perches, toys, your hand, whatever,
    > just ignore it. If he is trying to use your hand, don't
    > a big deal of it, just set him over on his cage, play gym or
    > anywhere else it's acceptable for him to sit. If you have
    > never noticed this behavior in all these years, then it
    > he is just having a particularly strong hormone surge this
    > year. Just ignore it and it will pass.